Today, more dental patients are opting for tooth-colored or composite fillings over the amalgam or silver fillings of times past. Since composite fillings are the same shade as your natural teeth, they are the best aesthetic option for fillings if you do not want your dental work to show when you smile or are looking for a more natural appearance.


Composite fillings may not be the best option for large fillings, though, as they can chip and wear over time, and can potentially become stained from heavy coffee, tea, or tobacco use. Composite fillings, however, do offer durability and resistance to breaking for teeth that require small to medium-sized repairs.


These types of fillings can also be used on both front and back teeth. Composite fillings can also take a little longer to place than a metal filling. This is because the overall preparation needed for the filling is a bit more complex.


Composite Filling Procedure

Dentists need to follow a standard procedure when placing composite fillings. The steps are as follows:

  • The cavity is removed, and the tooth structure is prepared and cleaned.
  • The tooth is etched so that the overall surface becomes rough.
  • A liquid primer is applied and cured in order to make the surface sticky so that the composite material will stick to the tooth.
  • The composite is applied, shaped, and then cured with an ultraviolet light so that it becomes hardened.
  • The dentist then shapes the material and checks the bite so that the filling will feel comfortable and the jaw will not be sore over time.
  • The filling is then polished and made smooth so that no soft tissue will become irritated.

Tooth-colored, or composite fillings, are now used more than metal fillings due to their overall aesthetic appearance. Today, more people are wanting the appearance of a bright, white, natural smile without the detraction of metal fillings or other types of restorations.


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