No one likes the idea of getting teeth extracted, but sometimes it is necessary. Even better to consider is that with the new world of dental implants, these extracted teeth can often be replaced. There are many reasons that teeth may need to be extracted.


What is a Tooth Extraction?

An extraction is when a tooth is removed. Sometimes, the offending tooth is a wisdom tooth that never had room to completely move in. Other times, the tooth may have an issue that is not able to be fixed. Ignoring teeth that need to be extracted can be detrimental to your overall health.

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

There are a few main reasons for teeth to be extracted:


  • The tooth is too damaged to be repaired.
  • There is bone loss around the tooth.
  • The tooth, or its root, are fractured.
  • A wisdom tooth has become impacted.


Sometimes, a dentist may be performing another procedure, such as a root canal, and determine that the tooth is too decayed to be saved.

Benefits of Tooth Extraction

Believe it or not, there are also benefits to extracting damaged teeth.

  • You are protecting the teeth that surround the damaged tooth.
  • Your mouth will be more comfortable once the offending tooth is removed.
  • You have more options on how to fill where the extracted tooth was.


Your dentist will be able to recommend a bridge, implant, or other procedure to replace the extracted tooth.


Your Dentist Has Your Health in Mind

A tooth extraction may sound scary, but your dentist will do everything they can to keep you comfortable. Anaesthesia will help you relax, and you will have a plan of care to keep you pain-free in the days following your extraction. Do not ignore these teeth, or you can damage your mouth further.