All Teeth on 4 Implants

Whether due to the natural aging process, injury or decay tooth loss can happen to anyone. While treatable, if left unattended to tooth loss can lead to problems with eating and even changes to the shape of the face.


Solutions / Treatments

Fortunately, there are a range of solutions available. Dentures are probably the most well-known, but dentures are difficult to clean properly and are seldom as strong and stable as natural teeth. A better option for many patients is to anchor artificial teeth to titanium implants in the jaw.

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4 Post Teeth Replacement

If you need just one tooth replaced at a time, then each prosthetic tooth, or crown, has its own implant, like an artificial root. But if you need all your teeth replaced at once, you don’t need 32 implants!

Instead, you can have a full prosthetic for your upper jaw anchored to just four implants. A full prosthetic for the lower law needs just another four implants. Hygiene for the prosthetic is similar to ordinary dental hygiene. The bone in your jaw will fuse with the titanium implants, giving you a chewing surface as good as healthy, natural teeth.


Custom Made and Fit Just for You

The prosthetics are custom-made to match your jaw and the appearance of your original teeth. Your jaw also requires time to heal and to bond properly with the implant. But you do get a temporary prosthetic when you get the implants put in.


Think you May Benefit from 4-Post Implants?

At Pasadena Dental, you can come in for your implants and leave with fully-functional, natural-looking teeth the same day. Our team of expertly trained dental professionals are caring, compassionate and ready to help you live your best life and get the smile you deserve today.